Professional Speaking

Stephanie C, White is available to speak on topics regarding finding your way through extreme and unexpected adversity. Stephanie will work with all meeting planners to create a custom presentation that is tailored to your audience.

Speaker Programs

“Dealing With Life’s Unexpected Blows”: This speaker program is birthed from Stephanie C. White losing her mother and sister in a car accident, unexpectedly as an adolescent; and dealing with the corresponding trauma, en route to creating an enriched and successful life. We don’t choose all of life’s sudden reversals of fortune, but we do choose how we respond to them, subsequently dictating our quality of life.

“The Hand That Carries Us”: This incredible speaker program shows audience members that regardless of what we experience, there is a force that guides us, while orchestrating events to usher us to our various finish line’s in life. This program is about trusting God in the darkest of moments, to experience a life filled with fluorescent light.

“Saying ‘Yes’ To Your Purpose”: Under the sound of Stephanie C. White’s voice, audience members will understand the life-changing power that is accessed when you simply say “yes” to your purpose. An entirely different realm of provision is experienced when you say “yes” to your reason for existence. Every audience member will leave sold on themselves and their ability to be whatever they were designed to be.

Book Signings/Book Readings

Stephanie is open to all receptive venues and audiences to sign copies and read passages of her new book, A Thousand Miles in My Shoes.

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